A picture from my birthday dinner. I meant to take more, but we quickly got too wasted. I’m wearing the black hat.


Everyone loves Jon. I disagree. You don’t want Jon. Jon is all about honor, like Ned, and look how that worked out for Ygritte and Catelyn. You want Jamie

My birthday is next week, so I’ll be posting some personal stuff to share with you guys. Also, do I follow you? If not, let me know so I can check out your blog. My following to follower ratio is skewed, and I’d like to even it out some. I hope all of you are trying to be as happy as you can be. Take care.

If you ever need someone to talk to, even if I am just a stranger, I am here for you.

Constructing the Golden Gate

Constructing the Golden Gate

Modesty by Corridini 

Octopus candle holder

Tree growing on another tree

Village in Autstria

There is wisdom here

There is wisdom here

Wolfgang just wants to hangout all the time


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Miami beach cruisin’